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This popular film festival returns to Sydney showcasing 21 exhilarating films from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Finland, many of which are award-winning Australian premieres. Festival-goers have a wide selection of comedies and dramas to choose from, films which are inadvertently travel brochures for these five beautiful Nordic countries which culturally identify as Scandinavia.

Festival curator Elysia Zeccola explained that Australian audiences should identify with Scandinavian films. “I think Australians really appreciate Nordic cinema, we appreciate the droll sense of humour. The themes that seem to come through every year of immigration, integration and prejudice, are very topical and universal.”

Scandinavian films boast remarkably picturesque landscapes which are a cinematographer’s joy to film.

“The Icelandic films particularly contain very stunning landscapes and the Norwegian films also have a connection to nature which I think Australians should relate to,” said Zeccola.

The production value of these films are of high quality with great acting and direction and Zeccola says she’s always blown away when she watches a film from these Nordic countries.

“These films are unexpected and don’t take you where you think you’re going to go. There’s a unique voice coming out of the region which is very distinct. I get lost in the films, I get lost in the stories and I don’t know how they’re going to end which I love.” (MMo)


UNDER THE TREE: This absurd Icelandic black comedy about bickering neighbours opens the film festival. A Scandinavean celebration follows with drinks, Nordic flavours, sparkling elderflower cocktails and entertainment.

THELMA: In this Norwegian supernatural thriller, a young female student goes to Oslo university and her supernatural powers are awakened upon meeting a beautiful fellow student. Intriguing and a highlight at the festival.

WHILE WE LIVE: From Denmark comes this moving drama inspired by true events about four characters whose lives intertwine after a tragic accident. Lead actress Julie Christiansen and director Mehdi Avaz will appear at the opening night and also participate in a Q&A at another screening.

Jul 10 – 29. Palace Norton St, Palace Verona, Palace Central. $22-$130 (10 film pass). Tickets & Info:


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