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Meet the locals: Essentials 4life hosts talk by Trinity Bennett

Essentials 4life host seminars on pain relief Photo: Flickr

By Lilian Sekkai

Helen and Mark Shaw have successfully run Essentials 4life for 7 years.

Helen says her business is her heart and soul. Having studied Early Childhood Education, Social Work and Human Development, Helen’s passion is to empower women to find their purpose, break through walls and face challenges.

Focusing on well-being as well as health, the couple offer natural and alternative techniques and products, to support clients to not only heal but stay healthy for life.

“We’d love to encourage people to research and to look for alternative methods to prevent their pain,” Helen told City Hub.

Located in Woolloomooloo, Essentials 4life is collaborating with partners who share the same beliefs towards pain relief. Helen and Mark are proud to host the important talk by special guest Trinity Bennett, in order to help more people understand and control their pain.

Trinity Bennett has trained Commonwealth Games medallists and world champion athletes. Qualified in massage, dry needling, cupping, onsen technique, personal training, energy healing and having an advanced diploma in Health Science as well as being a musculoskeletal therapist, Bennett certainly knows how to fight pain.

When some patients who, suffering from enormous pain and unable to participate in sports or live normal life, nearly gave up, Bennett was able to help.

“I would strongly recommend him to anybody who has a musculoskeletal issue that is causing them grief in any way… As a surfer himself, he can relate to the frustration of an injury or pain preventing someone from doing what they love,” one patient said.

By treating issues with alternative methods like dry needling, electrotherapy and strength programs, Essentials 4life helps prevent future injuries. Some costumers says they were successfully treated after a few visits, and have had no issues since.

“After 2 visits, the pain had gone completely… 3 years later and things are still good … I truly believe that if I hadn’t had appointments with Trinity that I would still be attempting to get my body right again. But thanks to his help, I am back into swimming, cycling and running competitively again. I am now able to race again and I feel like I have my life back,” a happy patient said.

On Thursday the 26th of July and Tuesday the 31st of July, Trinity Bennet is holding a seminar on healing and preventing pain. The event is taking place both days 6-7.30pm at Juanita Nielsen Community Centre, 31 Nicholson Rd, Woolloomooloo.