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Italian pizza hit in Newtown

Alberto has been serving quality Italian pizza for over twenty years. Photo: Supplied

By Erika Echternach and Lillian Sekkai

Originally from Italy, Alberto, the friendly and chatty owner of Alberto’s Pizzeria, came to Australia 62 years ago. After opening his first shop in Stanmore, he moved to Newtown in 1989 where he’s been cooking ever since.

Alberto said his primary principles are quality, efficiency and generosity. Clearly, this has been a recipe for success, since many of his regular customers have been visiting his shop for 20 years now. The warm, family-friendly and inviting environment of the pizzeria probably doesn’t harm business either.

The pizzeria’s owner said he thinks his shop has been able to stay around for such a substantial amount of time because he simply knows what he’s doing and has a solid vision to follow.

After tasting a couple of his culinary creations, the City Hub team can confirm that Alberto certainly knows how to cook. Not only can he cook pizza, but the extensive menu shows off his versatility.

Alberto shared his Pizza Supreme with the team to provide just a hint of his culinary prowess.

The Pizza Supreme features ham, pepperoni, cabanossi, onion, mushrooms, pineapple, capsicum, and olives. While this lengthy list may seem overwhelming to some diners, the rather unlikely conglomeration of ingredients somehow melds together in perfect harmony, with the sweet pineapple balancing out the salty meats and supplying the exact amount of pop needed for the dish.

Of course, pizza is Alberto’s specialty as well as one of the most popular menu items, so over the years the menu has grown to give customers the opportunity to choose between many exotic and gourmet variations, including the option of a gluten-free base.

Alberto’s began offering gluten-free bases for their pizzas so that even those with special dietary needs can enjoy the shop’s delightful cuisines. This also shows that while Alberto is a traditional Italian cook, he is able to adapt to accommodate changes in his customers’ needs and desires.

In addition to pizza, Alberto’s offers amazing pasta, veal and chicken dishes as well as salads, and a great kid’s menu. But the little shop doesn’t stop there. Alberto’s offers dessert options that are equally as delectable as the dinner menu selections.

Notable dessert items include a variety of gelato flavours, cake slices and even a dessert pizza. The heavenly Nutella Pizza is a must have, topped with fresh strawberries to complement the rich chocolate overtones. Although the Nutella Pizza pairs well with the delicious Pizza Supreme as the main course, it really could be the perfect ending for any meal.

Regardless which type of Italian food you’re craving, this Italian/Australian and his team are quick to serve up whatever your heart desires.

Although Alberto’s offers both takeaway and delivery options to a wide radius, the restaurant recently obtained its liquor license so you might want to dine in and enjoy a glass of wine alongside your gourmet Italian masterpiece.



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