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REVIEW: Vandal Gallery’s – Breathing Colours

Artist Micke Lindebergh with his installation works. Photo: Art Pharmacy/Vandal

Breathing Colours encourages visitors to celebrate colours by experiencing them anew. Although we see colours all day every day, we rarely take the time to truly appreciate their vibrancy, which is what the Breathing Colours exhibition is designed to change. 

Art Pharmacy has put on another exhibition at Vandal Gallery, this time to showcase the work of three artists: Micke Lindebergh, Nuha Saad, and Elefteria Vlavianos. Each of the featured artists are experts in exciting colours and aspire to allow colours to breathe through their pieces.  

Mr Lindebergh specialises in choosing chromatically lush materials and draws his inspiration largely from retro Scandinavian children’s books, Japanese comics and Sydney’s summertime. 

Ms Saad focuses on how colour can influence our thoughts and behaviour. She has spent a considerable amount of time exploring the visceral responses, sometimes immediate, intense and irrational, that colour can produce in people.     

Ms Vlavianos mainly uses acrylic paint and raw pigments to discover how the materiality of paint and conventions in the tradition of Armenian medieval gospel painting can regenerate what has been lost, misplaced or denied. 

While the gallery itself is rather small, the works are quite interesting and creatively stimulating. The collection includes a variety of paintings as well as multiple three-dimensional pieces. Each piece of art explodes with bright hues of colour. 

Although it is not large, the Breathing Colours exhibition at Vandal Gallery is a quick, fun trip to liven up any evening.

Until July 20. Vandal Gallery, 16-30 Vine St, Redfern. Info: 

Reviewed by Erika Echternach

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