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REVIEW: In The Spotlight Dance Festival 2018

Reviewed by Lili Sekkai.

“An awesome show about contemporary dance, performed by a young passionate and talented generation of dancers.”

In The Spotlight Dance Festival showcases presentations by students from Kindergarten through to Year 12 from various schools in Sydney’s Shire.

Thanks to the wide range of participants the show offers an incredible diversity of spectacular works.

Every piece of choreography was performed with perfection and underscored by spectacular music.

The show unites talent and spirit together with syllabus developed works. Supported by the department of education, amazing teachers and their families these little stars were shining on stage.

While even the young ones danced with magnificent passion as well as cute costumes and choreographies, the older students were simply breathtaking.

These children didn’t dance like kids they performed like professionals.

The dance festival runs until June 29 at the Everest Theatre and is something you definitely won’t want to miss!