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Man In The Attic

Photo: Blumenthal Photography

The production which has won awards and played sold-out seasons in France is coming to Australia to share the incredible true story of a Jewish experience during the second World War. 

It follows the ‘Jew’ who is found in the forest by a German couple who agree to hide him in their attic from the Nazis’ during the Holocaust. The German family discover he was a watchmaker and use him to fix things for the farmers in the area, so once the war is over, they fail to inform him and instead continue to use him for their own gain.  Director, Moira Blumenthal explained.

“There’s a lot of moral questions and this is very typical of a lot of plays about Jews, they always have a moral imperative. What would you have done? Would you first of all hidden him? Would you have kept him hidden in order to survive?”

Blumenthal wants the audience to be captivated by the play and its mysteries, aiming to provoke them into thinking about what people will do in order to survive. She had a very specific vision for the play and how it was to be set out. 

“My vision was no sets, the only set we have on stage is the attic. It’s the only place where there is stability and the paradox is, that the man in the attic actually finds more stability and freedom than his captors who have a sense of alienation.”

This unique play follows a perspective which is quite rare and they promise audiences will enjoy the show. 

“I have not seen a contemporary play that deals with the reaction of the Germans to defeat. You’ve often heard about the Jews, and the Nazis, but you’ve never really heard the voice of the peasants and to me, that is the reason why the play is interesting,” Blumenthal concluded. 

Jul 4-22. Eternity Playhouse, 39 Burton St, Darlinghurst. Tickets: $38-$54+b.f. Tickets & Info:

By Jade Morellini

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