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Kota Banks – Prize

Kota Banks may look like a stereotypical pop princess but with her new mixtape, Prize, she immediately shatters these first impressions and proves to be a much more complex artist.

Opening track Prize is a bass heavy, soulful RnB track which will captivate the listener from the first beat. Atop this charging baseline Banks’ pop vocals provide the perfect complement and make this a track which is sure to stick with listens for a long time.

Thankfully this mixtape is not just a one hit wonder though as throughout the remainder of the record Banks carries the momentum forward as she celebrate feminine strength and empowerment.

Another track which is sure to standout in the longterm is Fiorentini (featuring Capo Lee) which uses Banks’ pop vocals and driving beats to celebrate her Italian heritage as this track is also available in Italian.

NLV Records have once again unearthed a rare gem in the Australian musical landscape which is bound to see great success in the near future, so get in on the ground level now.

★★★ ½

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