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Hereditary is a deep psychological, supernatural horror story which immediately unsettles the audience and never allows them to fully regain their footing.

The film follows the family of matriarch Ellen Taper Leigh following her death and their subsequent unraveling as a series of tragic and unsettling events begin occurring with increasing prevalence.

Elen’s daughter Annie Graham (Toni Collette) channels her grief into her work creating miniature, unnervingly accurate, dioramas of her life. These models immediately serve to unsettle the viewer as one slowly transforms and comes to life before their eyes, which will then have the audience constantly questioning what is real.

Collette’s performance is outstanding as she runs the gamut of emotions from pain and grief to fear, despair and self-loathing.

Hereditary has allusions to intergenerational mental health issues permeated throughout which adds a much deeper meaning to each of the unsettling and scary motifs used.

This is certainly one film you will want to see with somebody else, not just because of its fear inducing nature but simply because you will no doubt have many questions and theories to discuss once credits roll.


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