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Theatresports All Stars: Battle Of The Champions

A host of comedy’s fastest and funniest will go head-to-head in an annual Theatresports showdown this weekend.

Launched in 1986, Theatresports All Stars: Battle Of The Champions is Australia’s longest running comedy show.

Director Jane Simmons says this year has brought together greats from seasons past and present, “I’m hoping audiences will see some of the best players since 1986 in a fun format that explores moments from history in ways you’ve not seen them before. Theatresports is about entertainment, camaraderie, creativity and a bit of panic.”

The likes of Adam Spencer, Andrew O’Keefe and Susie Youssef will improv-off over everything from Trump’s inauguration to the Macarena.

Ms. Simmons said she’s expecting some nerves on the night, “The biggest challenge of Theatresports is trying to keep calm in responding to whatever’s happening on stage at that moment in time. It can be terrifying up there. But that moment when the audience responds with delight at something you’ve just created- it’s such a rush of adrenaline.”

As Ms Simmons explained, “There are different team challenges that allow great scope for the talent on stage. For instance, how they might show us the real reason the Berlin Wall came down or the USA/ Mexican border wall might go up- now they’re scenes I’d like to see. My job is to put together a show the players and audience want to be in or see and I’m confident we’ve done that.”

May 6. Enmore Theatre, 118-132 Enmore Rd, Newtown. $24-$65+b.f. Tickets & Info: or Ph: 9550 3666

By Georgia Fullerton

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