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Shepparton Airplane – Almurta

Shepparton Airplane has a very familiar sound for any fans of The Peep Tempel, Graveyard Train or Tankerville but it also uniquely their own. This carryover of sound comes as no surprise given that Shepparton Airplane is made up of past and present members from those bands mentioned.

In their new record Almurta the band continue to showcase a frenetic and jaggy post-punk style. Throughout the record the music is filled with crushing guitar riffs and energetic vocals which urge the listener to sing along.

Almurta is a nice second record which has the group continue to grow and find their groove as they occasionally slip in some British punk vibes. 

This record is a very organic and grassroots sounding offering which is appealing but one which won’t necessarily draw new listeners to the genre.


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