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Saint Joan

Sarah Snook as Saint Joan.

Witness the heroic story of Saint Joan at the Roselyn Packer Theatre this winter as the reworked script sheds light on the rebellion and protest which occurred as Joan fought for freedom from a constitutionalised society.

Based on George Bernard Shaw’s script, this adaptation will allow audiences to observe a modern, stripped back version where Joan is at the centre of the story. Costume designer Renee Mulder explained. 

“We’re shifting the focus to Joan’s personal experiences, so what she could have been feeling at the time and creating more of a character for her instead of having people talk about her. And I guess we’re asking the question, who is Joan in a modern context?”

Despite the play being set in a contemporary world, Mulder took historical inspiration for the costuming, which was heavily influenced by the popular TV series The Handmaids Tale.  

“In The Handmaids Tale, the costuming is highly stylised yet completely believable in a modern-day world that it’s set in which was another inspiration. We’re looking at the men as a force against this one energy which is Joan and the men basically represent the church and the military. The men are in a level of uniform, against one individual who is being rebellious and breaking out of an institutionalised world.”

Mulder hopes that audiences will be provoked throughout the performance to consider the world they live in. 

“We hope they will be challenged and confronted by this production and witness to the tale that has been brought to audiences by George Bernard Shaw and brought into the now,” Mulder concluded. 

Jun 5-30. Roselyn Packer Theatre, 22 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay. $83-$120+b.f. Tickets & Info:

By Jade Morellini

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