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Middle Kids

Photo: Ellie Smith

Sydney trio Middle Kids made a powerful debut last year with the release of their self-titled EP which has seen them go on to tour the world and perform on worldwide television. This month has seen the group achieve yet another milestone with the release of their debut full length album, Lost Friends, ahead of a homecoming show as part of VIVID this weekend.

As Tim Fitz explained to City Hub the group was surprised by the response to their EP.

“We were shocked by the opportunities we got off the back of just an EP… we’ve definitely done things that we never thought we’d be able to do.”

By achieving such success in such a short period of time Tim says there were “two levels” to the experience. When they were in the moment performing live shows around the world or performing live on the Conan show it was a ball of nervous energy and fun so it isn’t until “the more down times, after a tour for example” that they can “realise how special those achievements were.”

In order to help himself and fellow band members, Hannah Joy and Harry Day, remember these experiences Tim said he always has a camera on the road with him. 

“I like to record footage and take some shots because those memories are something that we really treasure.”

Without the opportunities afforded to Middle Kids following the EP it’s quite possible this record wouldn’t exist as it does now.

“There are songs on this record that wouldn’t have happened if we were just sitting at home in Sydney. The song On My Knees for example I remember Hannah writing the opening riff at a soundcheck somewhere in the United States,” explained Fitz. “There’s not necessarily songs about touring but there are songs that happened in the environment of touring and I think it’s safe to say that we were really inspired by touring as it creates a fertile environment for inspiration and ambition.”

Whilst it may appear that all of the bands success has come from releasing great records Tim refuted that by saying that much of their success has actually come from their live show.

“A lot of our big opportunities have come from someone watching us play and them really enjoying the show. Vivid for example was booked after they saw us supporting Paul Kelly in the Opera House Forecourt.”

With that in mind Middle Kids are incredibly aware of what an honour and privilege it is to have music as their livelihood.

“If people actually want the thing that we’re creating and want to be a part of it then that’s a huge honour and blessing. So we want to respond to that by putting our best efforts forward because it’s the most fun thing that we could possible imagine doing with our lives.”

May 27. Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point, Sydney. $19-$59+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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