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Meet the Locals: Designer.Iam

Designer.Iam. Photo: supplied.


Meet Bernard Kassab, founder of Designer.Iam, a creative marketing company with a versatile range of techniques for design, research, and promotion.

Kassab started the company ten years ago while he was still a university student, but he has seen the company take off in the last three years.

He has experience in “everything from corporate atmosphere to working in communications departments to marketing to agency experience to contracting for event companies to retail.”

With these “experiences and resources,” Kassab is then able to “see where there’s opportunities that other people may have not looked at.”

It’s here that he “[pushes] the boundaries.” It was after working for several agencies that Kassab noticed “a really big disconnect between the client and [himself] when working on a project. [He] was missing that one on one time of actually problem solving with the client.”

On this premise, Kassab built his company to be one where his whole team is involved through their individual roles with each and every client.

One unique approach used by Designer.Iam is the “brand tool,” which is their “bible of the business.”

The tool is used to create “a strategic review of the business’ positioning and how it communicates, that allows for the client to get a vision of where to take the branding.

That becomes the foundation for how [Designer.Iam approaches] every design project whether it be branding or promotion or how [they] apply [the client’s] content online or on social media.”

The key is understanding how the client wishes to be viewed as a brand on a multitude of platforms, and finding that out and delivering on it is the strong suit at Designer.Iam.

Once Kassab and his team start to work on a company’s image there is always a level of transparency which is key in the brand building process.

A tool is available to the client which allows one to continually monitor the process of a project in the works, so “everyone is on the same page.”

As for the future, there are a few directions which Designer.Iam is pursuing.

First is continuing support for businesses, in which a company would outsource their design team rather than having an internal one, and with Designer.Iam’s systems in place it is more cost effective and just as easy to manage.

Kassab would also like to see the company take on more in the area of post-development architecture and corporate interior design.

He far too often sees a company invest money and not receive what he deems the full level of return on investment in this field.

He says they “spend all their money on nuts and bolts but don’t finish the paint job.”

Kassab and the entire team at Designer.Iam are dedicated professionals who pride themselves on individual attention to the client and clear communication all the way through the process.

The company is young, with plenty of room to grow, and will be bettering the community through its work in the future.

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