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Jack Gow – A Quarter-Life Crisis In Twenty-Seven Parts

As part of the 14th annual Sydney Comedy Festival line-up performing at the Wild Oats Wine Bar, is award winning comedian Jack Gow, with his solo show, A Quarter-Life Crisis In Twenty-Seven Parts. In 2015, Jack was indented in the Sydney comedy scene after being picked by Sydney Comedy Festival for the Break Out Comedy Showcase of the best up-and-coming comedians. 

Jack has been seen on ABC’s The Checkout, has won The Moth StorySLAM twice and has had two sold-out seasons of his solo shows, Everybody’s Doing It! Dying That Is and Just a Small-Town Boy. At 27, Gow’s unique style is personal and narrative driven, deriving all his material from his real-life experiences and his thoughts surrounding them. 

Gow started off energetic and hilarious, telling the audience stories of his neighbours and work life leading up to his life crisis. As the show reared towards the end, a story of attempted suicide hit Jack in the feels, almost breaking him down. This seemed to cause the comedian to go on an emotional fuelled rant about housing affordability and starving children, while holding back tears. The audience fell silent and there was an awkwardness in the air. Jack recovered and ended the show. The vote is still out for whether this was a comedy show or an actual life-crises. 


Reviewed by Riley Hooper 

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