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Good Cook. Friendly. Clean.

Image by Brett Boardman.

Good Cook. Friendly. Clean. is coming to Griffin Theatre to take audiences on a journey through humour and darkness, questioning how willing our society is to take care of our most vulnerable.

The play follows Sandra, who is 50 years old and comes home one day, only to find out that her flatmates are kicking her out of their shared accommodation. Director, Marion Potts said,

“It gradually charts the journey that she undertakes from there on in to find a new share house, so we visit successive houses and experience the interviews that she has to undergo. It’s a comedy and has a strong satirical element, but it does then turn quite dark and it forces us to contemplate a few things about the society we live in.”

Written by Brooke Robinson, Good Cook. Friendly. Clean. is one of her first plays and explores very strong themes of homelessness, critiquing society and questioning what happens to vulnerable individuals as the housing crisis worsens.

“This piece is very performative, so the roles that Brooke has written are very strong. It allows the actors a certain amount of play with the audience, which is often very enjoyable. I’m trying to honour the instinct of the writer in creating these roles for very fantastic actors.”

Potts hopes the audience enjoy the show and walk away with “a few questions to contemplate” about the community they live in and their influlence in shaping it and making a change.

“There’s a lot for the audience to consider, but all the while they’re laughing at the various predicaments that the characters find themselves in. In the end, we’re sort of laughing at ourselves, and I think audiences will enjoy Brooke’s sense of humour and her particular perspective on our city,” Potts concluded.

May 4-Jun 16. Griffin Theatre, 13 Craigend St, Darlinghurst NSW. $38-$60+b.f. Tickets & Info:

By Jade Morellini 

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