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Deadpool 2

When Deadpool first arrived on the silver screen he arrived with zero expectations, which allowed for him to become an immediate success. This time around however Deadpool 2 carries with it a much heavier burden of expectation, and thankfully it lives up to them admirably.

Deadpool 2 immediately ups the ante in terms of graphic and liberal violence with a hefty helping of decapitations, impalings and dismemberments in the opening few minutes.

This however isn’t the only area upon which the film improves on the original.

With the sequel we’re served up a much more inspired story than the generic superhero formulae we saw in the original. Whilst the plot is kept minimalist and simple it allows for a manic approach of whacky and invariably comedic scenarios to reflect Deadpool’s wise-cracking wit excellently.

If you enjoyed the first Deadpool outing you will not be disappointed by Deadpool 2 as it takes what we all loved and simply adds fuel to the fire.


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