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Angus & Julia Stone

Often as artists grow one of the first things to fall away is extensive regional touring.

As Angus Stone explained to us the two main reasons for this tend to be “logistical and financial difficulties” because as a show grows and develops it becomes more grand and complex thus inhibiting where it can be staged viably.

Once Angus & Julia Stone noticed this trend beginning to happen with their career they chose to make a concerted effort to buck the trend.

“In a way we were starting to go that way with past tours but we had a lot of people asking when we would come back to the more regional places,” explained Angus Stone before adding, “This is how we started and we really enjoy playing to these crowds so this time around we wanted to revisit those places we haven’t visited recently.”

When speaking about the current tour the excitement and joy of being able to travel thanks to their music was incredibly clear in Angus Stone’s voice. Whilst Stone said he would be traveling even without music it is more the vast extent of the travels, to such exotic locations as “Beirut and South Africa, which are places I don’t think many bands go”, that continues to shock him.

Despite touring the world with his sister off the back of their music Angus continues to be humble and understanding of just how special this opportunity is.

“Doing it the way that it has happened is a pretty special thing to share with the world,” said Stone.

The current tour has the duo criss crossing the country off the back of their latest record, Snow.

As Angus told us this tour is a chance for both himself and Julia to revisit the emotions they felt during the recording process.

“In the studio there was this magic and excitement in the air, so performing is a really humbling way to get back into it because you can see just how many people feel similar emotions.”

When chatting about the specifics of the live performance Angus told us about the privilege of watching his sister perform.

“For me the highlight is getting to sit back and watch Julia play because she is such a beautiful soul and glowing light that listening to her is a really touching and amazing experience,” said Angus before quickly adding with a chuckle, “I guess I’ll be playing a few tunes as well.”

May 12. Hordern Pavillion, 1 Driver Ave, Moore Park.

May 14-15. Enmore Theatre, 118-132 Enmore Rd, Newtown.

$89.90+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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