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Youth And Destination

The adventurous new production that explores life in the 21st century, Youth and Destination, will premiere at Kings Cross Theatre tomorrow.

The original play, written and directed by James Raggatt, was developed over three years in partnership with Kings Cross Theatre. It follows the contradictions and complexities of being human in the modern world. It will be told from the perspectives of younger generations in a collection of over sixty scenes.

Director James Raggatt said the play came from a wide range of inspirations, “It is going to be a very eclectic experience for our audience. We’ve gathered a huge amount of ideas about the human experience in this bizarre modern world we’re wandering through, and we’re raising a multitude of questions that often don’t lead to answers. Often they convolute into further questions and leave us hanging in the unknown. This is how we experience life in a lot of ways, and we’re eager to explore these ideas and questions in a very gentle theatrical journey.”

Raggatt, known for his work in ATYP’s production of Spring Awakening, has collaborated with a dynamic and critically acclaimed team, including lighting designer Martin Kinnane (Spiegelworld), and set designer Kyle Jonsson (The Chapel Perilous).

“It’s thought provoking and explorative, and kind of like a hug from a stranger you’ve known all your life. I have always been interested in the overwhelming nature of being. This play is a chance to tap into that in the smallest of ways and to hopefully create a shared understanding of these experiences.”

Apr 27-May 12. Kings Cross Theatre, Level 2, Kings Cross Hotel, 244-248 William St, Kings Cross. $25-$35+b.f. Tickets & Info:

By Georgia Fullerton

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