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The Sound Of Waiting

Gabrielle Scawthorn

Mary Anne Butler’s play, The Sound Of Waiting, will be showing at the Darlinghurst Theatre Company’s Eternity Playhouse to explore the struggles of asylum seekers and their journey.

Director, Suzanne Pereira said, “The Sound Of Waiting is a play written by Mary Anne Butler who is a writer from the Northern Territory and the play basically takes us through the story of an asylum seeker who leaves his hometown with his very young daughter to find safety and his journey is followed by the Angel of Death.”

The story explores the themes of resilience, humanity, hope and displacement through only two characters, Hamed Mokri and the Angel of Death.

“For me the real beauty of the story is that it is not just a story about an asylum seeker but in fact the story of the Angel of Death and who she is at the beginning of the play in comparison to the end of the play when she is really transformed.”

Pereira hopes to challenge the audiences so they can walk away with a new perspective on who they are.

“We were very lucky to have Mary Anne Butler with us at some rehearsals and she spoke to us a lot about the message. We hope the audience will walk away with an opportunity to ask themselves who are we going to be, and we get to ask ourselves that question because we look at it through the prism of the story of this particular asylum seeker.”

Until Apr 22. Eternity Playhouse, 39 Burton Street, Darlinghurst. $38-$54. Tickets & Info:

By Jade Morellini.

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