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Simple Plan

“When you look around at the other bands from our generation most of them have either disappeared or had multiple lineup changes, so the fact we avoided all of that is perhaps the thing we should be most proud of.”

This one comment from Simple Plan’s Chuck Comeau highlights just how incredible it is for the band to not only still be together after 16 years but are also still releasing music that resonates with their audience.

The multi-platinum Canadian pop-punk five piece have known each other since childhood, which Comeau credits as a major factor for their resiliency. Even in those early days as the group first came together as a band there was a determination and belief that their dreams would become a reality.

“When I was young I felt that we always believed that this was going to work, we had so much belief in our band that we knew if we had the platform people would enjoy the music and want to see us live,” explained Comeau. “Obviously you have no idea what being around for sixteen years really means in terms of the handwork and travel involved but now that I look back with this anniversary and we have a chance to celebrate, it’s pretty unbelievable how it all turned out.”

The anniversary Comeau was referencing is the 15th anniversary of their debut record, No Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls. This particular record, whilst initially unsuccessful in Australia, eventually saw Simple Pain explode onto the world stage and become one of the preeminent bands of a cultural shift in music.

As recognition of their contributions to the rise of pop-punk in the early 2000s the record was recently named as one of Rolling Stone’s Top 50 Greatest Punk albums of all time. According to Comeau receiving recognition and accolades such as this “reinforces” the impact the record had and the groups drive to continue.

For these shows the group seized on the opportunity to “do something fresh and different” by playing the record in its entirety rather than the usual ‘best of’ show.

“We’ve never done anything like this before but with 15 years it felt significant and deserved a special celebration.”

As Comeau explained they have been shocked by the reception to these shows, “We’ve been really surprised by how well this tour has been received, initially we thought it would only be two or three months but it’s ended up being a year and half of shows all around the world.”

Apr 27. Big Top Luna Park, 1 Olympic drive, Milsons Point. $79+b.f. Tickets & Info: