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With its launch back in 2002, Meetup, has become a real phenomenon of the modern internet with the website software enabling people sharing a common interest to come together for a very sociable interaction. It seems there are no boundaries as to the common experience with Sydney alone boasting groups such as Sydney Salsa Meetup (sauce or dancing?), the Australian Skeptics, Transhumanism Sydney and Sydney Gay Male Sticky Hairy Nudist Group – to name just a few of the hundreds listed.

In many cases it’s a validation of an interest that you once considered peculiar to yourself. Once you discover there are other folks out there who would like to squat the lotus position in the bollocky, a naked yoga group does not seem all that unusual. Scan the lists of Meetup groups and you’ll soon see there are new opportunities looming every day but what about ‘Meetup Groups We Would Really Love To See’. Here are just a few of my own suggestions.

PEOPLE WHO CAN’T STAND ABBA: Count me in as this group meets regularly to share their disgust for the insidious and hideously enduring music of the now defunct (thank God) Swedish melody makers. Members enjoy a selection of shared music from Norwegian death metal to out there avant garde jazz, anything to dispel the omnipresent sugary pop of those wretched never say die harmonisers.

CHATTERING MASSES MORNING MEET UP: This group gathers in the local coffee shop where free copies of the SMH and Tele are on hand. Whilst on principle they would never fork over good money for a copy of a rag like the Tele, they are intrigued as to the latest rant from either Miranda Devine or Piers Akerman. Screams of laughter fill the shop as Miranda’s latest dogma charged serve of Green left bashing is read aloud by the latte loving moonbats.

OLD SCHOOL HUMOUR GROUP: Essentially a meetup group for anybody with a strong dislike of the current batch of smart arse Australian stand-up comics who have overrun both commercial TV, radio and the ABC, many with their own horribly self-indulgent vanity shows. The group meets regularly to play old Richard Pryor and Bill Hicks records as well as watching vids of Spike Milligan and Norman Gunston. Talk about a laugh!

COOKING ON A STICK: A culinary get together for lovers of anything served on a stick be it a humble Dagwood Dog, a toffee apple or the latest attraction at the Royal Easter Show, chocolate cheesecake on a stick. The group love the idea of no washing up after the meal and it’s Paddle Pops all around for desert!

SYDNEY CITY BIRDWATCHERS: The group meet weekly to check on the health and welfare of the CBD’s booming bird population including cockatoos, pigeons and ibis. There is also a weekly count of Tracy Emin’s bronze birds near Circular Quay to check whether any have been nicked for scrap.

MEET ME AT GILLIGAN’S: Not the once popular bar in the Oxford Hotel, but the grassy patch opposite Kinselas, home to Sydney’s longest running open air wine tasting. Here the meetup invitation is 24/7, BYO flagon of Royal Reserve Port, and be prepared to share. It’s the most egalitarian meet up in the whole city and everybody, from just about any walk of life is welcome. With a horrific Council makeover strongly rumoured, time for this most sociable of meetups is running short. Please note: Not suitable for Naked Yoga.

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