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Imogen Clark

At a young age singer/songwriter Imogen Clark has already accomplished so much. For instance Imogen has performed alongside the like of Diesel, Ian Moss and Daryl Braithwaite, she has hit number one on the CMC charts three seperate times and finally is on the verge of releasing her second album, Collide.

Despite this extensive list of accomplishments Imogen still questions where exactly her music fits in the world.

When looking back to her first moments exploring music Imogen explained that it wasn’t until she wrote her first song that she realised this was going to be her life.

“When I first picked up my Dad’s guitar I wasn’t even sure music was something I wanted to pursue and that continued even when I was playing my first gigs at 12 or 13 years old. When I wrote and performed my first song though I realised I wanted to be a songwriter because I want my music to reach as many people as possible and affect them in the same way the music I love affects me.”

The opportunity to have a greater impact on people via her music came following the release of debut record, Love & Lovely Lies. That particular record was very much a grass roots project but would go on to capture the attention of Universal Music.

“For the first record I went down to my friends, Harriet and Jack Hookey’s, farm in Gippsland to work in their garage. It was such a fun, independent project that I wasn’t really placing any expectations on it, so when it got me signed to Universal it was a shock but also made me so proud.”

For Collide the process couldn’t have been more contrasting, “Where the first record was raw, jagged and free flowing this record was much more thought out and considered to produce a much more shiny product that still captures that rawness in the music.”

During this process before recording Collide the biggest change that Imogen wanted to implement was to explore her different influences and push the boundaries of what her music could be.

“I grew up on country and and I love country music but I realised that the songs I was writing weren’t full on fitting into the country scene.”

This did lead Imogen to have some doubts.

“I was questioning where I belonged because I didn’t fit as either a full on rock performer or a full on folk performer.”

From this though Imogen decided to make a crossover record which then led her to work with legendary musician and producer Mark Lizotte (aka Diesel). During their time working together the pair formed a close professional bond and have since taken to the road together for the current run of shows, which arrives in Sydney this weekend.

Apr 20-21. Brass Monkey, 115 A Cronulla St, Cronulla. $54.10 Tickets & Info:

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