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Tove Styrke

When you first think of Swedish musicians a select few major electronic dance music acts  will jump to the forefront of your mind but if you Google ‘Swedish musicians’ you may be shocked by the sheer volume of artists coming from this relatively small Scandinavian nation.

One artist in particular who has been making major waves in the last 12 to 18 months is future-pop singer-songwriter Tove Styrke.

Since the release of her most recent singles, Say My Name and Mistakes, Styrke has clocked up millions of plays on Spotify and garnered endorsements from the like of Lena Dunham, Sam Smith and Lorde.

Lorde in particular was so captivated she handpicked Styrke as her support act for the current Unites States arena tour, which is where Styrke spoke to us from about her whirlwind success.

“I feel like this past year has just been so much fun. I’m currently on tour with one of my favourite artists ever which is such a huge thing but then after this I get to go to Australia for the first time ever, so it’s such an exciting time really.”

Obviously with Styrke holding Lorde in such high regard it was an easy decision to make when asked to take part in the tour, “Usually when you get these kinds of requests you take a little bit of time to think about it but for this one I took about two seconds before I said yes.”

Although arriving in Australia before the release of her next album, Sway which is set to release on May 4, Styrke says fans will get an early glimpse of what is to come.

“I’ve been working so hard on this album for so long and can’t wait to share it with people. I’ve been trying out some of the new songs live alongside some of the older material so people can expect a lot of fun with these shows.”

Styrke is not just excited to share the music with fans but she is also incredibly excited to actually meet and connect with fans in Australia.

“I’m excited to meet people in Sydney and hangout after the show, that is one of the coolest parts of what I do.”

As this will be her very first performance in Sydney Styrke is expecting there to be an added level of electricity in the air, both from fans and herself.

“When you play to a new audience there is a sense of mutual excitement because they don’t know what to expect from me and I don’t know what to expect from them but that usually leads to really great shows.”

Apr 10. Oxford Art Factory, 38-46 Oxford St, Darlinghurst. $45+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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