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This satirical drama delves into the marketing and publicity surrounding an art installation known as The Square, a 4×4 metered flooring, ‘a sanction of trust and caring within its boundaries we all share’. The film illustrates the irony when Christian (Claes Bang), public figure and chief curator of the museum, metaphorically steps out of the square of goodness and demonstrates questionable behaviour and is ultimately held culpable for the controversial marketing campaign.

Critical acclaim for a film doesn’t necessarily lead to box office success, as may be the case for this co-production from Sweden, Germany, France and Denmark.

Recipient of the highly acclaimed Palme d’or at Cannes and also nominated for Best Foreign Film at this year’s Oscars, this cinematic oddity makes an appropriate statement on society, but may shun mainstream movie-goers owing to the profoundly perplexing style of storytelling techniques utilised.

This tragicomedy is darkly humorous and flaunts numerous unpredictable and outrageous moments of nonsensical and irrelevant hilarity, but the lengthy running time of 144 minutes and the slow-paced nature of the film may evoke restlessness and disinterest amongst audiences. (MMo)


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