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Going Down

It’s not biographical but it certainly takes elements from Michele Lee’s life. She wrote a memoir named Banana Girl and this play came kind of as a response to the feedback she received from that book. I hope that people identify with it, I hope it speaks to an audience that feels they don’t normally get spoken to in the theatre.”

Presented by Sydney Theatre Company and a co-production with Malthouse Theatre, Going Down is playwright Michele Lee’s first full-length play for Sydney Theatre Company. The play is directed by Leticia Caceres alongside a cast of rising performers Paul Blenheim, Josh Price, Naomi Rukavina, Jenny Wu and Catherine Davies, who was kind enough to answer a row of questions about the play for City Hub.

“It follows the character of Natalie Young who I play, over the course of a weekend where her life hits an intersection of identity crisis, career crisis, a life crisis essentially which sees her spiral. It’s a crash course of her re-identifying herself against the expectations of what is put upon in this case, second generation Asian/Australian women.”

On playing the character Catherine felt “as a second generation Asian/Australian women it’s rare to get the opportunity to play a character like Natalie, who is three dimensional and only answers to herself, it’s incredibly liberating. The ensemble of actors in the show are spectacular and to be able to play against the 50 odd characters they switch up between themselves is an absolute joy.”

The show will play until May 5 at the Wharf Two Theatre Sydney. “People will both laugh and be offended and possibly even turned on. It’s like a spectacle of outrageous disaster. It’s also important to support new work. Lee is an amazing Australian voice, this is incredible work and I feel a real privilege in performing it.”

Until May 5. Wharf Two Theatre, Pier 4, Hickson Road, Walsh Bay. $37-$42+b.f. Tickets & Info:

By Riley Hooper

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