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Cement Fondu

Radha La BiaShahmen Suku, The Divine Game, 2017. Photo: Tim da Rin

Cement Fondu is a new exhibition and arts space arriving at Paddington, which presents an ambitious and diverse year-round program of multi-art form exhibitions for the public to experience and enjoy.

Director, Megan Monte said, “Cement Fondu is a really evolving art space and we break all art forms including digital art, dance, performance and music. Alongside our curated exhibition program, we also have a project space which is going to feature a range of different collaborations with artists organisations and public workshops.”

The exhibition covers a number of unique artworks, “our art is from a range of different artists from different cultural backgrounds, different art practices and different levels of where they’re at with their career.”

The exhibition features paintings, videos, performances and sound pieces, offering something for everyone.

“It’s very open and that’s how we wanted to start it. We also have a partnership with Studio A and we are very lucky and very excited to have a collaborative installation that is revealing itself over the next few weeks with one artist being Rosie Deacon,” Monte said.

Their inaugural exhibition, Suburbia, which opens March 10 is a free evening of art and fun for the public to engage in to celebrate the launch and will showcase a broad range of perspectives.

“We really wanted to present a diverse range of artist perspectives and practices for our first exhibition and we also wanted to design our program as being multifaceted. We wanted to present something fun that can create a broader discussion about place, community and personal experience,” Monte concluded.

Mar 10-Apr 29. Cement Fondu, 36 Gosbell Street, Paddington, Sydney. Tickets & Info:

By Jade Morellini.

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