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Alison Wonderland – Awake

Sydney’s Alison Wonderland has been making waves globally, in large part thanks to her electrifying live performances but her writing and production is also not to forgotten.

With her second album, Awake, Wonderland has pushed her boundaries in many ways and created something that demands attention.

Whilst her production abilities are well known this new record also features a number of special vocal performances by Wonderland herself, which adds another nuance to her sound.

This is an incredibly personal record, which is not something you can typically say about a dance music release. The single Easy in particular delves into Wonderland’s own struggles with depression and how that saw her pushing people away.

This is not a sad record though, Wonderland does a great job of blending personal stories with driving club beats throughout. There are bound to be hearing a number of tracks from this record playing regularly across both radio and in clubs, keep an ear out for No, High, Cry and the aforementioned Easy in particular.


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