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Whilst battling his own personal demons Australian rapper 360, aka Matt Colwell, thought he had “ruined” his career and relationships with fans. With his addiction and bipolar issues now conquered 360 has returned with a new record, Vintage Modern, which has been warmly received both critically and commercial.

In 2014 it took 360 hitting rock bottom during his Utopia tour to finally seek medical help. During the tour 360 was at the height of his codeine addiction issues which untimely led to an overdose and the cancellation of the remaining dates of the tour.

“That was a massive wake up call to me that I might have ruined everything, I felt like I had everything and lost it by being a junkie,” explained 360.

Since then 360 has completed a stint in rehab and also been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. During this entire process 360 was afraid he would never be able to recapture the success he had once had and that the key to having any chance of that would be to regain the trust of fans.

“It was really important to prove to people that I was definitely clean this time around,” he said. “I did that by being very open and honest on social media about my past addiction, rehab and my mental health issues.”

On his Facebook page 360 posted a video entitled, I’m Sorry, where he explained that during the height of his addiction he was pharmacy hopping in order to acquire the 90 Nurofen Plus tablets he was taking everyday – not to get high, just to stop feeling withdrawal symptoms.

360 told City Hub he has now been clean from illicit substances, alcohol and cigarettes for three years.

“It’s very, very tough though. After spending six or seven years of constantly being on something you need to learn how to live life again and how to interact with people again. Everything is so different but so much better now.”

This new positivity has manifested itself in an incredibly successful new album which has 360 exploring new musical realms.

“At the time I felt like needed the drugs to create music but I think after spending a few months writing while clean I realised I was writing the best shit that I had ever written. To have this album come out and do what it has done is amazing and has made me really, really happy.”

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