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The Ultimate Art Gallery

Gallery Director Tim Neaverson conducting a free tour of the Aboriginal Gallery. Photo: supplied.


At the Ultimate Art Gallery in Four Seasons Hotel, stroll through beautiful artworks that capture the history and heritage of Aboriginals from the first generation to the third generation of artists.

Unlike any other gallery of its kind, Ultimate Art Gallery has a combination of contemporary art exhibitions, both traditional and Aboriginal, from emerging and established artists.
Gallery director of Ultimate Art Gallery, Tim Neaverson, said, “We’ve got a very unique gallery – the concept is a partnership between ourselves and the Four Seasons, which has been running for years now.
“The gallery is actually within the hotel corridors and we use QR codes, which basically allows you, on your android or iPhone, to click on the signage. It’ll tell you for the Aboriginal art section the number of paintings by that artist, the theme they are trying to portray and what generation the artist belongs to.”

The artworks provide many of the artists with a platform to use their voice in a creative and exciting way, sharing their history and culture with patrons. They will also each have the opportunity to experience a range of Indigenous and mainstream art.
“Patrons will be able to see 75% of the artwork on display and with the QR code they can access it 24/7 as they wonder through the hotel. We have first generation all the way through to third generation and the first-generation artists the ones who started the movement in 1971 at Campania,” Neaverson said.

“We also offer tours, which is quite unique,” he continued. “My passion is Aboriginal art and I am educating people on it. We’ve got probably the biggest collection of Campania on display from the first generation, all the way through to the third generation in NSW. Painting is a very unique medium where they actually sit around a camp fire passing things from generation to generation, so as they’re painting, they talk about their heritage.”

The Ultimate Art Gallery also offer a range of exhibitions that are constantly changing and being updated with something new. It is here that visitors can experience a lasting connection with the Australian art culture, with the opportunity to purchase the artworks.
“We’ve had a number of exhibitions. Currently we are running Tommy Watson’s area, Ronnie Tjampitjinpa and then Campania but we will change that over shortly to feature the Last Nomad and some Utopian art as well.”

Tommy Watson is a significant Aboriginal artist who the gallery is proud to present.
“His piece has gone for $500,000 and not many galleries portray his community,” Neaverson said. “His community started the modern contemporary art which became popular in 2010, but they started in 2004 so modern contemporary colours was brought in by third generation artists, they were the first group who used pinks, oranges, reds, yellows and blues in their artworks.”

All areas of the art gallery are very theme-driven, with the First to the Third Generation, Bush Food, and Men’s Ceremonies, to name a few.
“The level 3 contemporary section is also very themed driven. We have emerging contemporary artists, midstream contemporary artists and established contemporary artists like Ronnie at our exhibition who is a very famous and renowned artist,” Neaverson said.

The Ultimate Art Gallery is proud of its exclusive services that many other art galleries do not offer.
“We offer services where other galleries don’t,” Neaverson explained. “Other galleries have most of their artwork not on display, but on the benches, all rolled up, where as we don’t.
“The other unique thing about our gallery is the first-generation artists all passed away as late as 2004, so the artworks on display from the first generation artists is from late 80s to early 90s so you’ve got about 100 paintings truly done by the first generation artists of Campania or Utopia.”

Tours of the artworks are available daily at 10:30 and 2:30, when patrons can learn more about the artworks and artists.

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