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Russell Peters – Deported

Amid all the race-fuelled issues we’re constantly having as a society, comedy is a saving grace.

Cue our favourite brown Canadian to arrive: Russell Peters will soon return to our shores with his Deported world tour.

Born to Indian parents, Peters has a classic childhood story of being bullied by all the other white kids at school. Of course these days, he’s the one that’s laughing: not only has he sold out shows internationally, he holds the record for doing so in several places – such as when he took in more than 13,000 punters at a Sydney show in 2010, which is said to be the largest stand-up comedy show ever in Australia. No mean feat for a country that has several annual comedy festivals!

He’s also a regular on the big screen across various genres, having starred in all styles of film from kids movies to dystopian thrillers. He also graced the small screen recently in the lead role of his own Netflix series, The Indian Detective.

Peters has a talent for making fun of ethnic stereotypes, especially his own; but that doesn’t mean the rest of us will go unscathed. He says, “I don’t make stereotypes…I just see them.”

In our politically tense climate right now, it’s just what the doctor ordered.

Feb 8. QUDOS Bank Arena,  Edwin Flack Ave & Olympic Blvd, Sydney Olympic Park. $91.60-$111.95+b.f. Tickets & Info:

By Alex Eugene