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Lethal Indifference

Emily Barclay. Photo: Rene Vaile

Sydney Theatre Company’s latest offering Lethal Indifference tackles the current and pressing issue of domestic violence. It’s a graphic, bleak, and confronting one woman show that is more than your typical monologue, more like a direct stream of consciousness that is part detective story, part intimate confession. Lethal Indifference takes a snapshot of the real events surrounding one case of a woman murdered by her violent partner.

Emily Barclay plays the character simply referred to as ‘woman’, a young Melbournite in her 20s who works in PR and communications at a family violence legal centre. She hears horrific stories and part of her job is to find the ones that are going to capture people’s attention or make a difference. Lethal Indifference is about the things that get brushed over, the things that are too hard for the media to deal with.

She talks about the legal services provided for women who are facing domestic violence, delving into the intricacies of AVOs, intervention orders and how they attempt to protect women; the system and police reporting, while divulging some pretty gritty details of the coroner’s report connected to the case.

The play’s director Jessica Arthur believes the audience will learn a lot.

“Women can really relate to Lethal Indifference. It looks at the inner psyche in a way that’s honest and enlightening. Women come across a lot of mico-aggressions, seeds of violence, threats we feel and are aware of on a daily basis. For someone to articulate that’s refreshing,” she said.

But it’s also an exploration into trauma that has humour within the honesty.” There’s a rawness and openness in the text with subtle, organic shifts that reflect the inner thoughts and inner workings of a woman’s mind,” added Arthur.

Feb 17-Mar 10. Sydney Theatre Company, Wharf 1 Theatre, Pier 4, Hickson Rd, Walsh Bay. $54-$60+b.f. Tickets & Info:

By Mel Somerville.

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