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Alice Ivy

Even for Melbourne music producer Alice Ivy it’s hard to imagine that she would have ticked off so many bucket list items over the course of the past two years.

During this two year period Alice Ivy has quickly established herself not only in the Australian scene but is now also beginning to make a mark internationally, having just signed a record deal with Canada’s Last Gang Records.

“When I look at myself two years ago I couldn’t have imagined any of this,” reflected Ivy.

It was so tough for Ivy to envisage the current levels of success because just a few short years ago she was only just using the music production software Ableton for the very first time after transitioning away from being a guitarist in soul bands.

“It took months for me to finally get a grasp as to how things work,” said Ivy. “People always ask me how I learnt to produce and use Ableton for live shows and the answer is that it was literally just me sitting at home in my studio, which at the time was my bedroom, for hours and hours writing music.”

After working at it and teaching herself how to use all of these new programs and tools at her disposal Ivy went on to self produce her debut record I’m Dreaming.

“It’s a really big accomplishment for me because this album essentially chronicles the first two years of me starting out as a producer and it’s something I’m extremely proud of.”

Signing with Last Gang Records was another momentous moment for Ivy and one which she was extremely honoured by.

“Again it’s something I wouldn’t have seen myself doing two years ago. It’s an extreme honour to have people like that reach out, especially when you look at their roster which includes people like Crystal Castles, Purity Ring and MSTRKRFT.”

Having already accomplished so many items on her bucket list Ivy has had to begin looking to the future and setting more goals. This year Ivy has set two goals which she feels are certainly achievable.

“I hope to have my second record finished this year then I really want to focus on exporting myself overseas,” said Ivy.

To coincide with these achievable goals Ivy also has some dream collaborations which she’d love to tick off.

“I’d love to collaborate with someone really bad ass like Missy Elliott. Justin Timberlake is also another reach for the stars one. Finally I’d love to go into the studio with someone like Kaytranada one day because I’d love to rip apart his production and ask so many questions.”

Feb 16. Hudson Ballroom, 53-55 Liverpool St, Sydney. $15+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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