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Jimmy Carr – The Best of, Ultimate, Gold, Greatest Hits World Tour 2018

Ever wanted 15 minutes of fame? You just might become a star if you get a front seat at Jimmy Carr’s highly coveted The Best of, Ultimate, Gold, Greatest Hits World Tour 2018.

Carr is well known for two things: snappy one-liners, and smashing hecklers to smithereens. His talent for quick-witted comebacks is so loved by his fanbase that “best-of” heckler reels dominate his YouTube channel. Show-goers can’t resist being next in line to have their  intelligence mocked, or their mothers and girlfriends slammed. This man flaunts dry British humour at its most cut-throat, so come with a thick skin if you like his style.

In today’s overly politically correct society, Carr’s sassy material has the potential to offend more than ever. But in the wake of the recent Milo Yiannopoulos raucous, it’s easier to remember that though Carr may go to dark places with his humour, his purpose is not cruelty. In fact, one of his past routines was named Laughter Therapy – showing his dedication to putting a lighter spin on even the most egregious topics. He’s had his fair share of media controversy and demands for apologies (some which he’s complied with, others not) but the fact remains that he’s played over 2000 shows to more than two million punters, and they still want more all over the world.

Carr has also clocked up a grand list of credits including US appearances on Comedy Central, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, The Jimmy Fallon Show, and a slew of UK favourites including Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Top Gear and QI.

Whether you’ve seen him a dozen times or never before, Jimmy Carr is sure to leave you with sore tummy muscles at the end of this show.

Jan 8-10. State Theatre, 49 Market St, Sydney. $79.90-$89.90+b.f. Tickets & Info:

By Alex Eugene


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