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Foster The People

With the release of their latest record, Sacred Hearts Club, Foster The People have welcomed aboard two new full time members, Isom Innis and Sean Cimino. Obviously by bringing in two new members the sound of the band was going to change but surprisingly this change has been warmly received by fans.

City Hub spoke with Isom Innis before Christmas about the shifting chemistry in regards to recording and what the group hopes to achieve with this record.

Innis has been tangentially involved with Foster The People since 2010 as a member of their touring band and a sporadic co-writer but Sacred Hearts Club finally saw him coming aboard full time.

“We’ve worked on this record for the better part of three years,” explained Innis, “This record was born out of experimentation and improvisation which is why it has taken so long.”

During this period of experimentation the sound of Foster The People has evolved quite dramatically, where their song were once built around guitar they are now much more electronic.

“When we first started the record it was more in the organic, post-punk, guitar driven territory. Throughout that process though I was always making beats and showing them to Mark then two in particular stood out to Mark who immediately said ‘I want to sing on this’. Those went on to become Loyal Like Sid & Nancy and Pay The Man.”

This change in styles was almost fostered by the groups refusal to have their “music categorised” because as Innis said, “When we write songs we’re simply chasing our instincts and making the music that we are passionate about because we trust that our fans will be there with us on anything that we put 100% of our passion into.”

One of the main driving passions behind Sacred Hearts Club was the group desire to give the audience a way to escape from “everyday heartbreak and tragedy.” Innis and the other members of the band all have a steadfast belief that many of the current world issues could be solved by loving and caring for each other more.

This week as they return to Australia for Falls Festival and tomorrow’s side show in Sydney the group hope to spread some of that required love themselves.

“We’ve never played Falls Festival before so we’re really excited to get over there to see how it compares to other festivals around the world but my guess is that it’s going to completely blow our minds.”

Jan 5. Enmore Theatre, 118-132 Enmore Rd, Newtown. $84.90+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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