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Judith Lucy and Denise Scott are two esteemed comics who, individually, have no trouble holding an audience in their thrall; together, they are as engrossing as a train wreck (in a good way). They are about to reprise last year’s extraordinarily successful show, Disappointments, and take it on tour nationally.

The hilariously candid show consists of bedroom confessions, lamentations on work, life and ageing, a checklist of ailments and a blistering on-stage fight – and the two ladies are loving every minute.

“It’s been so much fun to do,” says Scott, “I never say that about performing shows. Usually I find them really hard work and you never quite get to enjoy them. But doing this with Judith, I really enjoyed doing it.”

While the show is tightly scripted, there is plenty of room for improvisation. Lucy and Scott have a similar sense of humour, so it’s easy for them to riff off each other.

“We just love each other’s work and share an admiration for one another – I think Judith’s hilarious! And she seems to think that of me…” explains Scott.

It’s not your usual stand up comedy either – in fact the two comedians spend most of their time reclined on their respective beds sipping wine and bemoaning the misfortunes that have befallen them. The stories they tell are all 100% true, but Scott insists that it’s not depressing, in fact, they finish with a bang.

“The ending is riotous… that’s all I’ll say,” she teases, refusing to reveal anything more other than audiences have been left gobsmacked and some have called it “brave.”

Jan 30-Feb 11. Playhouse, Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Pt, Sydney. $55.90−$64.90+b.f. Tickets & Info:

By Rita Bratovich.

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