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Vertical Dreaming

A Redline Production compiled and arranged by Andrew Henry comes Vertical Dreaming, an entertaining and revealing cabaret of the songs and poems that saved Henry’s life.

In 2017, Henry checked into a facility to treat depression. During this time, he discovered a scrapbook full of poems, recalling “With not much to do in there it was terrific and occupied my time. I found two of them especially confronting, like someone had gotten into my head and I had written these poems.”

For the show, each chosen poem has been paired with a song, with Henry describing them as, “things that I discovered that were wonderful and therapeutic for me as reminders that I wasn’t alone in these scenarios I was going through.”

Accompanied by some of his best friends rocking a live band, Andrew Henry is standing up and spotlighting a subject that is an epidemic in this country and industry.

“It’s something that we as people often keep very secret, private and we judge ourselves for it because it seems like an irrational emotion. What I’ve found empowering is by being honest about my experience that has empowered others to be honest about theirs. If we can get people to feel like they have an ally and they feel confident and know there is nothing to be ashamed of I think that will be a great win.”

Not all doom and gloom, the show is set to be funny, entertaining and a reverence, talking about something so common and saying it’s ok not to be ok.

“A positive experience for the audience and a nice way to end our year at the theatre.”

Dec 5-15. Old Fitz Theory, 129 Dowling Street (Cnr of Cathedral St), Woolloomooloo. $30-$35+b.f. Tickets & Info:

By Riley Hooper

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