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Undertow – Closer to Darkness The Remixes

This is a creative compilation of remixes. They have made music out of what sounds like a clucking chicken and a relentless smoke alarm.

The mixtures are very danceable with dramatic drops and vocals that are always an extra rhythmic element, spiking interest in the self-aware part of the listeners brain.

There are only a few tracks, not enough for a full party but an exciting addition to any list. With varied artists, the resulting five songs are equally different from each other, switching from mood to mood for a spicy eclectic vibe.

These remixes demand attention, they will not suffer to be played in the background of the listeners daily tasks. Determinedly they pull focus and hold the listeners brain captive, restricting alternative coherent thought. Listeners would do well to keep these songs for physical exertion and mental oblivion.


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