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Australian performer and drag artist Trevor Ashley returns to the stage in a hilarious pantomime which will have theatre-goers literally rolling down the aisles in hysterical laughter.

Ashley who plays the role of Rachel Marinade, a big and blousy diva who ‘isn’t very nice at all’, said the show is a hoot.

Ashley explained that after he saw The Bodyguard – The Musical he was adamant he’d write a panto based on that production.

“I thought this deserved a bit of a parody – I had to pounce on it immediately. I put it together very quickly as it was just too good an opportunity.”

“It’s going to be outrageous and ridiculous with lots of song parodies and pop culture references. Everybody gets a serving in this – we’ve tried to leave much of the scripting up to the last minute as we want to be as current and pop culture as we can.”

Being a pantomime Ashley said that audience participation will be expected.

“It’s all the stuff you’d expect to see if you went to see a kid’s pantomime, except of course the subjects will be much more adult. It’s all about getting the audience involved and we’ll be getting people on stage but we won’t target anybody awfully, it’s mainly group participation. Unless you’re under 30 and muscly I think you’re going to be pretty safe sitting in the first few rows!”

This show is aimed at audiences over the age of 18 who enjoy a good night out.

“Seeing The Bodyguard is always a help and if you enjoy shows like Saturday Night Live or Fast Forward you’re going to love this, even if you hate musicals as it’s a parody of musicals which has elements of films, television shows and cultural references.”

And what would the gorgeous Rachel Marinade do to those who don’t attend?

“She’d come after you and troll you on twitter! So Beware!” laughed Ashley.

Dec 6–20. Seymour Centre, City Rd, Chippendale. $59-$69. Tickets & Info:

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