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Sports (aka Madeleine Carr) Photo: @quasarmedia

The music industry, particularly electronic music, is still very much a “boys club” but DJs and artists like Alison Wonderland and Sports are leading the women’s movement.

This weekend Alison Wonderland is hosting her very own festival, The Wonderland Scarehouse Project, which further cements herself as Australia’s leading lady of electronic music. Whilst this is a huge step for Alison she has also made a point of using her influence to support up and coming female DJs such as Sports.

Sports, aka Madeleine Carr, has only been performing for a “couple of years” but her passion for music is undoubted having worked behind the scenes extensively before taking to the stage.

“I was working behind the scenes throwing events, booking parties and naturally when you’re in that environment if you have a thirst for music DJing is the next logical step.” Carr explained.

Since taking that step Sports says she has noticed a shift in the way women are viewed, “we’re taken a little bit more seriously these days but it’s certainly still early stages. We still need more representation in the back end of the business and at record labels though.”

Whilst Sports is in the midst of positive changes within the industry she explained that Alison Wonderland was someone she looked up to as the pioneer for women.

“[Alison’s] been in it for a while, she really copped the brunt of a lot of bullying when she first started out but she’s a tough cookie and a true role model.”

Obviously with that connection Sports was incredibly excited to be invited on to the Wonderland Scarehouse Project tour lineup. Sports has been included alongside some huge international names such as; A$AP Ferg, Danger, Lunice and Party Favour.

When asked if it was intimidating being alongside those names Sports said, “Not really because everyone is super nice. In terms of talent there are a couple that are quite intimidating but underneath it all we’re all just music nerds.”

With Sydney being both the final Australian leg of the tour and Sports’ “home turf” excitement levels are at an all-time high and Sports highly recommends checking it out.

“There’s a huge range of acts but everyone has been carefully selected so if you like some of the artists you won’t be disappointed by any of the others because they all compliment each other.”

Sports can be found on social media at @madcarrsports

Dec 9. Secret Farm Location (busses departing 1pm Central and Gordon, 2pm Parramatta). $59-$120+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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