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Discovering a way to express your creative passions can often take some time, this was especially true for Sydney producer and DJ Sippy. From an early age Sippy loved music but it took a number of years experimenting with different instruments and styles before finding her love for electronic bass music.

“I played piano from the age of seven, then tried drums and guitar from 12 to 13. I would always be in bands or writing singer songwriter stuff but I never thought that I could create a career out of it though because I always thought you could only do that if you were the worlds best drummer or pianist.” reflected Sippy.

It wasn’t until Sippy attended university to study exercise science that she discovered the electronic music scene and realised she could make music by herself.

“Once I started in the electronic side of things Djing everything began to snowball and I knew I wanted to do it for the rest of my life.”

Coming from a traditional music background transferring into the electronic music realm required a period of transition. Since she was new to the scene in general Sippy wasn’t even sure which genre she was most connected with, so she literally had to go through every genre on Soundcloud to educate herself.

Sippy told us about the moment she found dubstep, “When I found dubstep it shocked me every time, I loved that shock value of not knowing what was coming and since then I haven’t looked back.”

To this day audiences are shocked when plays such heavy music.

“I’ve had plenty of times where people in the crowd will high-five the lighting guy thinking he’s the one playing not me but I like that I’m not the norm.”

Despite now being deep in the music industry Sippy still regularly employs her exercise science education in order to keep herself fit, both physically and mentally.

“To be honest the fitness I find is more for my mind rather than the physical side now,” said Sippy, “Before I started music I didn’t have any issues with mental health but the lifestyle can be really tough mentally.”

Electronic music in particular can be so tough on artists mentally because of the isolation if fosters as they create music alone in a studio for extended periods of time.

Looking ahead to 2018 though Sippy’s extended studio sessions this year are finally going to payoff.

“2018 is going to be big, I’ve released singles in the past but I’m excited to be releasing my first EP which is a body of work I’m so proud of.”

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