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Political satires have always appealed to avid theatre-goers and this play, which explores a C-grade celebrity’s entry into the world of politics, should also prove to be quite popular.

Is Robert Kelly cut out to be the politician who can save Australia? How many lies must he tell in the name of truth? And most importantly does the truth hurt in politics?

“This is one of those plays which starts off and you think it’s going to be quite simple but not everything goes quite right and everything starts snowballing out of Robert’s control,” explained Thomas Pidd who plays the lead role of Robert.

“This is a tragicomedy with a very political spin and I think Richie Black (the writer) has done a brilliant job of not letting anybody go – throughout the play everyone gets a crack. It doesn’t matter whether you’re centre left or right in the political sphere Richie has found a way of having a go at everyone.”

Themes of not taking anything so seriously in life and standing up for your beliefs are prevalent in this play, as Robert never solidifies what he believes in.

“I think something that Robert struggles with in this play is that people are pushing and pulling at him when he should actually stand up and say: No! This is me! This is my life! F***king leave me alone!”

Pidd says he has learnt more than he thought he would about politics from his involvement in this play, but would he enter the world of politics himself?

“No. Politics is definitely not something that ever revolves around in my world! People always make the comment that politicians are really just actors anyway and in a way I do believe that.” (MMo)

Nov 15–25. Depot Theatre, 142 Addison Rd, Marrickville. $22-32.Tickets & Info: