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Audiences should be shocked and angered by what unfolds in this Slovak-Czech drama which concerns a corrupt and manipulative teacher who rewards favours from the parents and students with good grades.

Actress Zuzana Maurery received an award for playing the role of newly appointed school teacher Maria Drazdechova, who is loathed but initially tolerated by the school teachers owing to her association with the Communist Party.

The story-telling is non-linear in structure and slowly comes together as a meeting amongst the teachers is finally arranged in the hope that all will sign a petition to have her dismissed from the school.

It’s astonishing to think this film is based on true events, where incredibly talented children broke down from the stress of constantly receiving failing grades owing to their parent’s justifiable decision not co-operate with this evil woman.

The opening scene where this abhorrent teacher writes down all the livelihoods of her student’s parents is the most disturbing scene in the film, as it demonstrates her nonsensical belief that she had the power to control everyone around her. (MMo)