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The story of how Charles Dickens wrote the literary classic A Christmas Carol is meant to inspire festive cheer, but unfortunately, this well-intentioned Christmas film for adults is wearisome and fails to ignite on many levels.

After his success with Oliver Twist, three flops followed and Charles Dickens had six weeks to write a new book and have it on the shelves in time for Christmas.

This biodrama/comedy details how writing the book took over his life, affecting his marriage and the realisation that if he didn’t complete this book, he’d never write again. The characters from the story come to life and guide him through the writing of the book, notably Scrooge, brilliantly portrayed by Christopher Plummer.

A great cast of British have been assembled for this film which boasts extremely convincing period interiors and visually stunning cinematography.

Adversely, Dan Steven’s portrayal of Mr Dickens is strikingly annoying and the comedic elements throughout the film detract from a story which would have been more successful written as pure drama. (MMo)


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