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Tania Lacy – Tracy Lacy For Classy Captain

Tania Lacy’s bio reads like most people’s bucket list. Dancer, choreographer, television host, comedienne, screenwriter and actor but in her latest book, Tracy Lacy For Classy Captain, she has found a sweet spot. It’s the second of her quirky graphic novels pitched somewhere between Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Dork Diaries. Written with tween girls in mind, her books have gained a much wider following.

“I’ve had adults read them and enjoy them. I’ve had older kids read them and say they’ve done it in one sitting – they just kept turning the pages.”

Navigating her way through ‘tween-dom’ and having reached high school, Tracy’s life is fantastic – then disaster strikes – but hilarity is around every corner. There is a suspicion that Tracy Lacy bears more than a passing resemblance to the real Tania Lacy. “She is a lot the same,” says Lacy, “It’s my experience of being an outspoken person in high school and having labels thrown at me. Tracy is just a really modern likeable girl.”

Pressed on whether there is a deeper message for young teenage girls, Lacy’s advice is simple – “Don’t be afraid to get into trouble. I think that so often women in general are afraid to step forward and say things because we will be told off or told ‘your opinion isn’t needed here’. It’s very easy to get into trouble as a woman – you don’t have to try very hard – so just step out and be that trouble. I mean that in a very positive way”.

Currently based in Berlin, Lacy returns to Australia in November. Watch out for her to pop-up in the most unexpected of places.