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Stu Spence – When a Man Snaps

Stu Spence is a former TV host, renowned photojournalist, fine art photographer and writer. In his career, he has snapped the likes of Kylie Minogue and Michael Hutchence to You Am I, Nicole Kidman and many others. As a writer, Stu has contributed columns and features for magazines, online publications and newspapers.

“I see these little things and they instantly evoke personalities.”

The Watsons Bay resident has turned his weekly appearance of When a Man Snaps in the Huffington Post into a book of 50 of his images colliding with witty captions. When asked how the book came to be Stu explained,

“Looking back, I think two things inspired When a Man Snaps. The advent of the mobile phone camera, which meant I didn’t have to use film or walk around with a camera, that was a real liberation for me. The second thing was social media. I started to entertain my friends with unusual imagery accompanied with a caption that was hopefully strange or funny. I wanted to say volumes in the least amount of words.”

When a Man Snaps is a funny look into Stu’s interesting and quirky take on the world. The book features a hilarious little background story of the first image, giving you an insight into Stu’s personality.

“This week I really love the guy fishing with his imaginary friends. I’d never seen someone set up so many fishing rods. Sometimes the captions come to me easily and sometimes I have to work for them, that one I worked for.”

A perfect coffee table piece, right in time for Christmas.

When a Man Snaps is available online at

By Riley Hooper

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