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New Breed 2017

Tyrone Robinson. Photo: Pedro Greig

New Breed 2017 is providing five emerging Australian choreographers with the opportunity to create their own works which will be fully commissioned and showcased under the Sydney Dance Company, Carriageworks and The Balnaves Foundation.

Tyrone Robinson is one of the talented choreographers selected to create his own work, [bio]Curious.

“I’m choreographing a work on three of the Sydney Dance Company dancers and my work is an exploration of our connection to nature and the unconscious intimacies of those actions. It was very much inspired by the eco-sexual conservation movement which asks the question, if we were to look at nature as a lover, can we evoke a greater care for the environment?” Robinson said.

His raw and powerful work has a unique style, with his history of hip-hop and jazz blending with contemporary dance.

“I have a background in commercial dance like hip-hop and jazz, then I went to the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts and did contemporary arts for three years so there are definitely elements of my hip-hop background which emerge within the contemporary choreography,” Robinson said.

Robinson wants audiences to leave the theatre with a greater appreciation and connection to plants and realise that maybe, plants are more important than they are treated.

“I’m a bit interested to see if people can start to look at the environment and their connection to plants and house plants specifically, in a different light and to acknowledge the existence of another living being within their environment. I feel that a lot of people overlook this and plants often become a thing that is purely aesthetic,” Robinson concluded.

Until Dec 9. Carriageworks, 245 Wilson St, Eveleigh. $35. Tickets & Info:

By Jade Morellini.

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