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Let yourself recline at Hoyts cinema

Recline in style in a Hoyts cinema


Watch the latest blockbusters in comfort at HOYTS with their brand new recliner seats, making a night or day out at the movies a much more comfortable experience.
HOYTS Broadway has been renovated and fitted out with powered recliner seating, offering guests extra legroom and wider seats – where they can enjoy Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, and all with 4 hours free parking, and unlimited parking with entry after 6pm at Broadway Sydney.
These recliner seats are unique to HOYTS and now movie-goers can relax and recline whilst experiencing blockbusters on the big screen. Every seat, in every cinema features the recliners, including two Xtremescreen auditoriums for the biggest screens and best sound in the complex.
The addition of the HOYTS recliners is a massive step forward in cinema seating, they are putting the comfort of all movie-goers first and aim to make it more than just a standard trip to the movies. HOTYS want it to be an experience where customers are immersed into the world of movies in complete comfort and at great value. It’s a fantastic excuse to get out of the house, meet friends, and experience the latest movies releases at HOYTS.
HOYTS Broadway recliner movie tickets are $15* all day Monday to Wednesday and before 2pm Thursday to Sunday, excluding Midnight screenings, special events, public holidays and HOYTS LUX. $19^ tickets after 2pm Thursday to Sunday, midnight screenings and public holidays excluding special events and HOYTS LUX. For both prices, online, 3D, and Xtremescreen surcharges apply. Visit for more information.

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