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Learn & Play! teamLab Future Park

Light Ball Orchestra

Welding art and technology into entertainment is an inventive and ingenious job which can only be achieved by intelligent and imaginative people. A collective, interdisciplinary group from Japan, named teamLab, are specialists in this aspect. Indeed, one exhibition of their artworks, Future Park, is now being held at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney.

The event is hosted by MAAS (Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences), and known to be the largest exhibition ever seen in Australia. For art and technology lovers, this is a unique chance to unveil their imagination by engaging in a virtual digital world. To fulfil this desire, Future Park features miscellaneous installations for both children and adults to experience ultra-technologists through their movement, interaction, and collaboration.

Amazingly, at this colourful and immersive world nothing is static. You can make music with Light Ball Orchestra, create plants and animals in Graffiti Nature (i.e. mountains and valleys), or play the hopscotch game while dancing; all based on your inventiveness. Furthermore, you can build a town by creating objects and characters for it, and then the town will come to life by itself.

Regardless of these common activities for both kids and adults, there are two exclusive programs worth mentioning. Kids can enjoy the Dream Car Design competition by creating cars where the winning designer will travel to Japan to present their design to Toyota. Adults can also enjoy sessions, known as Adults-Only Summer Late Nights, being held on certain nights throughout January 2018.

Until April 30. Powerhouse Museum, 500 Harris Street, Ultimo. Info:

By Mohsen Dezaki