Meet The Locals

Kuki Tanuki

Everything about Kuki Tanuki is cool. From the wall murals to the partially open kitchen, the restaurant is about both the experience and the food. Their sake is unmatched and delicious options fill the menu. Terikayi, Sukiyaki, Wagyu Beef, Gyoza. They have it all. Each dish has a suggested drink companion. Their sushi menu provides top quality fish at a great price. Each dish provides a classic choice with a modern twist. Start with the Crunchy Sashimi Nachos with some Hot Fukushogun Sake, dine on Wagyu Hotpot, and finish with the delicious Nutella Black Sesame Crepe for dessert.

61 Erskineville Rd, Erskineville, NSW 2043 : (02) 8084 7438

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