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REVIEW: Rosie Waterland – Crazy Lady

Photo: Shane Rozario

Rosie Waterland’s Crazy Lady Australian tour promises constant laughter, squirming and a rush of emotion as she shares the stories of the hardest years of her life. Taking audiences on an emotional rollercoaster, she shares the harsh reality of her nervous breakdown, which resulted from the loss of her best friend, Antonio and the deep depression she found herself falling into.

Amongst all the jokes, she had a solid message weaved throughout her well written performance. She shared the importance of friendship and support in overcoming these dark times, as well as the significant flaws in the medical system for those who are struggling with mental illnesses.

Although she had heavy topics in the show, she kept the mood light and happy, telling her stories the way she does best – with jokes, attitude and sarcasm – all while sitting back, sipping champagne. The relaxed vibe of the show allowed audiences to connect with Waterland as she gave them a look into her life and the true struggles she has, and may continue to face. It was an inspiring show and very enjoyable to be a part of.

Reviewed by Jade Morellini.

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